Bulkers (Core)

Bulkers were introduced as an alternative to bagged Cement, Fly ash, Alumina, Pulverized Coal, Lime etc. which is of particular advantage to large consumers of such products. Internationally, the trend is to move dry powdered materials more and more in loose form rather than bagged. In fact, over 90 percent cement in the USA, and other European countries is transported in bulk, unlike in India, where only less quantity is transported in bulk. PEPL saw this opportunity more than a decade ago and started providing bulk tankers to our customers.


Silos are basically storage tanks erected at construction site for the storage of cement, fly ash etc. Silos are required at all Ready Mix (Concrete) plants.

Chemical Tanks

Tanks for transporting Chemicals like Solvents, Molten Sulphur & Petroleum products, manufacturing has been the company’s oldest business vertical. Designs approved by the The Chief Controller of Explosives, Government of India.

Bulker Trailers

Multi axled Bulker Trailers used for transport of higher volume of products like Cement, Flyash, Alumina, Flour etc. Designs approved by VJTI and Transport Commissioner – Government of Maharashtra.

Pneumatic Cement Conveying Unit